Childstreet 2005

Childfriendly streets
Activities IIUE: 

- Conference organisation
- Tool development
- Writing Publication


Children with their playful and particular behaviour are often overlooked in the process of planning and street design, just as they are physically overlooked in daily traffic.
As a result the possibilities for children to safely use the street to play, walk and bike have been limited.


Research has demonstrated that being active outside is of big importance for their physical, mental and social development and health. Moreover, independent mobility of children contributes to less use of motorised transport by the parents.

Those were the key ideas of the three days international conference Childstreet2005, held in august 2005 in Delft.

80 participants from 22 countries with various professions came together and exchanged their knowledge and experience around children and their (im)possibilities on the street.
It was an interactive working conference: the participants practised in groups several design assignments and other groups could experience with Kids Street Scan (KiSS), a new tool to measure the child friendliness of a street. In an excursion they evaluated different streets, less and more busy, and saw the real practice of woonerf-like areas.

At the end of the conference the Delft Manifesto on a child friendly Urban environment was confirmed.

Practical recommendations were formulated too, with the final conclusion that it is feasible to make better streets for children.


The Delft Manifest
Publication “Een KiSS voor Childstreet”
KiSS -KidsStreetScan:
  - a tool to review the child-friendliness of a street
Several follow up projects