Links (Dutch)  Sustainability, innovation and international. Official governmental organisation for advise, information, finance, network and legislation. Also patents. The official website of the European Union. Gathers news from EU institutions. The website places summaries of news and updates on the latest EU initiatives, and provides links to the original sources of information, on different institutional websites. (Dutch) Puts the spotlight on outstanding developments of sustainable construction and real estate en thus encourages innovations. Swedish energy giant Vattenfall has been revealed as the winner of the Climate Greenwash Award 2009 at a ceremony in Copenhagen on the eve of the World Business Summit on Climate Change. Purpose is to enhance our understanding of the complexity of contemporary urban life and through it, promote increased civic engagement of citizens who care deeply for their communities. An activity of Jane’s Walk USA.

City Instruments Monitoring, Evaluating and Transferring Instruments to address Climate Change in Metropolitan Regions.

Council of Europe – European Charter II The European Urban Charter II – Manifesto for a new urbanity. A new approach to urban living, urging European countries to build sustainable towns and cities.

Ecosa Institute Mission is to restore health to the natural environment, and thus the human environment, through education in design.

Ekistics Study of human patterns of living and their physical expression in the past, present and future. Eurocities  Network of major European cities

European Urban Knowledge Network Shares knowledge and experience on tackling urban issues

Gallup’s Soul of the City Allows cities to measure and track their political, economic and social well-being

Habiforum (Dutch) Expert network for multiple land and space use

INTERREG IVA 2 Mers Seas Zeeën The France-England-Flanders-Netherlands Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013

INTERREG IVB North Sea Region Programme Overall aim is to make the North Sea region a better place to live, work and invest in

INTERREG IVB North West Europe Programme Funds projects which support transnational cooperation to tackle common challenges of Member States, regions and other authorities

INTERREG IVC Programme Aims to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies and contribute to economic modernisation and increased competitiveness of Europe Dedicated to sustainable cities pioneer Jane Jacobs Centre for the Living City. Builds upon her heritage.

Milieu Centraal (Dutch) Practical information about environmentally friendly consuming Nicis Institute (Dutch) Institute for the cities. Offers practical solutions through scientific research, knowledge sharing, training and advise  Stichting De Witte Roos (Dutch) Foundation for sustainability Stichting Viba Expo (Dutch) Foundation for quality and health in urban areas The  UNEP Urban Environment Unit aims to integrate the urban dimension in UNEP’s work, with a focus on environmental issues that both have a local and an international dimension. These include air pollution, coastal areas, waste, biodiversity, and climate change

Urban Age A worldwide investigation into the future of cities India is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of population. And in the last few decades the exodus of population from rural to urban areas has been staggering. Cities and metropolitan regions in India evolved over centuries and their organic growth does not always allow for absorption of these increases in population. The strain and subsequent breakdown of infrastructure, systems and utilities creates conditions that are alarming.

Indian architects, urban designers, and planners feel that they have a professional, social and moral responsibility to force change. This could be done in many ways. From education to public awareness and government accountability, everything is fair game.
UAI will try to address these issues via the website.Here you will find opinions, thoughts and analysis of happenings in India’s urban areas. No topic is taboo. Discussion is expected and looked forward to.

Urban Audit Provides urban statistics for a balanced and representative sample of cities in Europe

World Bank Urban Strategy Meeting city management challenges in an urbanizing world Cuts through the complexities of the climate change debate to provide expert advice, offer clear priorities for action and describe good practice in sustainable urban design and management. Established in 1988, the International Dark-Sky Association us an educational, environmental nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark ski