Our Vision and Approach


Neighbourhoods, cities and regions with a recognizable identity are attractive to live and work in. Areas with their own character are experienced as valuable and will exist for a long time. These areas are sustainable, especially when their character is based on functional use of local and social resources.


Solutions for urban problems must last. They should serve both people and businesses and nature. Therefore solutions should be thought out together, be it save public space around schools, local energy supply and improvement of a neighbourhood, agro production in urban regions or innovative economy. In an international context Urban.nl has developed, tested and applied methods and instruments that help to solve urban problems in an effective way against reasonable costs and that are widely supported.

Tailor-made services

Urban.nl does not offer standard solutions, our services are tailored to fit. We achieve this by cooperating with professionals from different disciplines from our international network.


Urban.nl conducts neighbourhood scans, supports vision-building processes, organises scenario workshops, analyses plans and projects on effects, designs decision trees, sets up Implementation Labs and implements demonstration projects. And we know our way in European subsidy programmes.

We offer

Preparation of European project proposals
IIUE helps you compose and submit a proposal for an innovative European practical or research project. We also give advise on the financial aspects …… read more

Finding Partners

IIUE finds the right European partners selected from its European network of local and regional governments, welfare organisations, distinguished …… read more

Generating funding

IIUE can assist you to apply for European funding …… read more

Project coordination

IIUE handles the coordination of your European project and preservation of quality …… read more

Workshop organisation

IIUE organizes the logistics as well as the content of ‘awareness scenario’ workshops, ‘implementation labs’, conferences, trainings and symposia …… read more


IIUE researches sustainable development, liveable cities and ‘community building’ and if asked works with an international network of professionals …… read more


IIUE develops innovative concepts for sustainable environmental planning……. read more


IIUE compiles custom made excursions, in The Netherlands and in other European countries……. read more


IIUE produces and edits publications on spatial, urban and peri-urban sustainability themes……. read more