Execute sustainability checks with the Europe wide OPEN HOUSE methodology

Open House
assessment sustainability of buildings
EU Programme: 
Sevent Framework Programme
Activities IIUE:

Martijn Kramer will assess the sustainability of utility buildings in The Netherlands and Denmark for the European platform OPEN HOUSE.
He will execute the OPEN HOUSE method and copare it to the BREEAM method.
For every building he will collect (missing) indicators, especially those related to economic and social components such as safety, labeling, value for end users. There are six categories for which the value of each building will be tested:
– Environment
– Social function
– Economic quality
– Technical characteristics
– Proces
– Location
In this phase first a quickscan will be executed according to the OPEN HOUSE Assessment Guideline. Urban.nl will compose a report for every building. The report contains a description of the building, the results of the quickscan and conclusions and recommendations for improvement of the OPEN HOUSE methodology.


OPEN HOUSE is a research project funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme. The overall objective of OPEN HOUSE is to develop and to implement a common European transparent building assessment methodology, complementing the existing ones, for planning and constructing sustainable buildings by means of an open approach and technical platform. The instrument must cover the entire lifecycle: planning, building, use en end-of life phases.

The methodology will be tested in buildings in 36 European countries.
The methods is tested in new office buildings to test its reliability. The feedback from the tests will be used to improve the method.


Evaluation reports