Yvonne van Delft

Van Delft


Leiden University – Cultures and languages of Latin America
Leiden University – Political Sciences (Master in Political Sciences)


Yvonne is very experienced in how to implement of projects in governmental and not for profit organizations.  She worked among others as the Town Clark of the Delft City Council, and in the offices of the European Parliament.  In Delft she was also Head of the Building and Environment Permit Office for some years, and as leader of Programmes for Safety, and Social Cohesion respectively.
She has also acted successfully as manager for sponsoring and subsidies at the National Museum for Nature Conservation “Naturalis” in her hometown of Leiden.
At Urban.nl Yvonne developed co-creation methods for local sustainability policies. She contributed to the European Awareness Scenario Workshop (EASW) method. The European Commission appointed her as “National Monitor” for EASW. Yvonne conducted EASW trainings in Brussels and led several EASW’s in European cities.

Policies and public management

Yvonne is focused on serving the public interest and the creation of policy environments that support local sustainable development on the basis of democratic principles.

Civic engagement

Yvonne was and is committed to make cities greener and socially responsive: as former City Councillor of the Dutch town of Leiden (where she was born and where she lives), as well as member of the advisory board of Leiden’s cooperative bank.