Managing the participation in the Strategic Initiative project ENVIREO

European cooperation
EU Programme: 
Interrreg IVB NWE
Activities IIUE: 
On behalf of partner
– Compile a toolkit for sustainable building for target groups policymakers and building professionals. The Toolkit contains good practices on performance , the building- and renovation process and the use of utility buildings;
– Develop a (mobile) website for the presentation of 30 examples of sustainable utility buildings in North-West Europe. Aim: Inspire a wide public.
– Prepare ENVIREO Cluster meetings and co-implementation of actions and tasks;
– Report on the progress of the cluster project ENVIREO to the partners;
– Give (financial-) administrative support to the lead partner for the preparation of Cost claims;

Within the Interreg IVB NWE program four projects work together under the name ENVIREO with the aim to jointly promote sustainable building and renovation. The project, coordinated by is one of the projects in this cluster.

The cluster expects that, by joining forces, they can reach a wider public and accelerate the transfer of knowledge resulting in a gradual reduction of the negatieve influence of buildings on the environment.

The cluster will bring together working knowledge, policy instruments and regulations and disseminate this knowledge to the industry, owners of real estate and decisionmakers. The cluster deliver presentations at European conventions and produce a toolkit with standards for sustainability, a digitalguide containing stat of the art examples of sustainable buildings and a mobile exhibition.


The strategic cluster ENVIREO wants to develop synergies between five projects, all with a focus on promoting and demonstrating sustainable building as a means to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment. This should result in reaching a larger audience amongst the common target groups the individual projects aim at.

The cluster assesses the (draft) outputs and results of the different projects aiming to broaden, deepen and accelerate the knowledge development within the projects. With the production of joint products the cluster partners intend to enlarge the critical mass for external impact of the individual projects and the cluster as a whole.

The result of the cluster will be a transnational comprehensive body of knowledge and enriched regional practices, policies and regulations on utility buildings of different scales, ages and on both renovation and new buildings. In addition the cluster will contribute to European wide conventions and comparability of assessment of measures aimed at improving the sustainability of the building sector.