Eddie Kips



Delft University of Technology  – Master of Geosciences


Eddie was teacher in physics and computer science at a college in The Hague, lecturer in system development and programming at The Hague Professional University. Later on he joined the department of Library and Information Science (LIS) as lecturer for documentary information science and he became lecturer knowledge management at The Hague Professional University.. As part time programme manager at Urban.nl he was able to develop further his research and knowledge transfer expertise.

Creative and analytic

Eddie Kip’s slogan is Keep It Pretty Simple (KIPS), as he likes double meanings and meaningful abbreviations. Urban.nl’s Childstreet project allowed him to engage in initiatives aiming to make public areas in cities more liveable for children (inviting and safe). When considering traffic safety Urban.nl uses since then the Triple E perspective: Engineering, Education en Enforcement. Eddie laid the basis for the KiSS: the Kids Street Scan, a tool to review the child-friendliness of a street in six aspects: Protection, Walkability, Cyclability, Criss-Crossability, Enjoyability, Playability (The Dutch words for the six aspects begin all with the letter B)

Civic engagement

Eddie Kips worked as a volunteer for the Dutch Cyclists Association. He has been the chair of the Delft section and was its representative at the Regional Authority of Haaglanden.
Eddie took the initiative, together with others, to establish the national woonERFgoed network and the platform MENSenSTRAAT, both aiming to make home environments and public spaces more liveable. Look at http://www.woonerfgoed.nl/int/Welcome.html  And at http://www.mensenstraat.nl/streetsforall/