Martijn Kramer



Delft University of Technology – Master of Science in Architecture


Martijn has extensive experience through his more than 15 years work with Before becoming engaged by he worked for the Information- and Advise Centre for School buildings (ICS) where he did research and advised on projects about building processes of multifunctional buildings and the Dutch bi-annual school building price. Martijn is affiliated with the Delft based National Building Research Organization SBRCURnet.

Research and advise

Martijn started his work at with research and a publication about sustainability in architecture, urban planning for the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Planning and the Environment (VROM). He did research and advised the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) about the inclusion of health issues into the National Housing policies for the future.

Design and supervision

He designed and supervised the building of the demonstration projects initiated by for sustainable, lifetime-proof housing, small commercial buildings and interventions in public spaces in the Netherlands. He was consulted in several European Cities about architectural and urban planning solutions in post-war (high-rise) neighbourhoods.

Participation key to improving neighbourhoods

Apart from his advisory role at Martijn managed participatory projects involving stakeholders and residents to improve living quality in neighbourhoods, in the Netherlands and abroad. He led a project about neighbourhood governance resulting in a system of ‘Neighbourhood Shares’. For the regional authority of Haaglanden and the Dutch traffic safety organisation (VVN) he was responsible for projects about the design of public spaces for vulnerable groups as elderly and children.

European projects

Building on his experiences Martijn focused in European projects on the built environment. He initiated and develops European projects on network building and knowledge sharing in the Interreg programmes. For several contractors he is responsible for the project management such as the organisational and financial aspects as well as the quality of the content. During these projects he organises and chairs seminars, courses and workshops (European Awareness Scenario Workshops, Workshops on Indicators, Implementation Lab’s etc.).

Civic engagement

Martijn is a board member of the Nieuwe Garde in The Hague. ‘Nieuwe Garde’ is network of innovative creative people striving to create a good climate for creative entrepreneurs to thrive, and emphasizing on a better visibility of the creative industry in The Hague.
In 2016 Martijn joined the board of governors of The White Rose, a Delft based foundation for heritage conservation in sustainable development.